Bhumi Organic Cotton

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Bhumi values sustainability and conscious consumerism, so #gifted's value proposition of only gifting to creators who want to receive your items to cut down on waste really resonated with the brand. They have been gifting the majority of their Organic Cotton range, from bedding & blankets to bath & sleepwear to get their product into the hands of like minded creators for reach & UGC.


Over 50+ influencers have been gifted products to date from the Organic Cotton Range & have been sharing a variety of content including IG reels, Tiktok videos to IG unboxing stories, styling video tips and room makeover videos. With different content produced across different platforms, Bhumi is able to reach a wider audience & variety of UGC through #gifted. They gifted A huge variety from sleepwear, sheet sets, bathrobs, throw blankets and bedroom accessories valued at between $200 - $350.


Gifts Received

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