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BLC Cosmetics aims to use the #gifted platform to highlight their position as a leading distributor of high-end cosmetics and beauty solutions. Their goal is to showcase their diverse range of products, emphasizing their commitment to quality, innovation, and professional beauty solutions. Through #gifted, BLC Cosmetics was looking to engage with new audiences and creators, demonstrating their products' effectiveness and their dedication to enhancing beauty and skincare routines.


With over 709 applicants thus far, BLC Cosmetics has been flooded with enthusiastic creators of diverse ages and skin needs. Creators have been able to put these premium skincare products to the test and captured content with instant and real-time results, sharing the calibre of BLC's brands to their followers. Content acquired spanned across Australian states and Territories with creators of all ages luxuriating in the benefits of premium-grade skincare through content that exposed audiences to new bespoke regimes.


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