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Relaxation is very subjective and deeply personal - an essence that Epzen was looking for creators to capture in their content. Elevating a little R&R into an at-home spa, Epzen was looking draw focus on the blend of natural ingredients and practical wellness their products deliver. Their #gifted campaigns are aimed to demonstrate how their products fit seamlessly into real-life routines, offering tangible benefits and a touch of luxury to everyday moments.


A range of self-care products were #gifted to over 50 influencers in the health and wellness space. The campaign generated a surge of authentic, engaging content, showcasing the versatility and effectiveness of Epzen's products. This strategic outreach resulted in a significant increase in consumer interest. The success of the campaign not only enhanced Epzen's brand visibility but also reinforced their position in the wellness sector, dedicated to improving everyday health and wellbeing.


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