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JAG, a genuine Australian brand, sought collaboration with #gifted creators to spotlight their chic collections - with a focus on crafting pieces that blend effortlessly into the modern wardrobe, JAG emphasises comfort, style, and durability. Their mission is to highlight individuality through fashion, allowing their diverse clientele to express themselves authentically. As they continue to evolve, JAG remains committed to sustainability and ethical practices, ensuring their collections not only look good but also do good.


Receiving an overwhelming response with over 600 applications from eager creators, JAG acquired a showcase of their timeless fashion pieces through a lens of authenticity and diverse style narratives. The collaboration with a wide range of influencers have resulted in a substantial increase in content quality and variety. The campaigns' reach extended far beyond expectations, with an uptick in consumer interest across Australia. JAG has reaffirmed its position as a staple in contemporary wardrobes with a dazzling tapestry of stylish and fashion-forward content across Instagram and TikTok and all around Australia.


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username for gucci

#fashion, #beauty, #lifestyle