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Jett Black Luggage

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Having spent too much time - with very little success - looking for influencers who are about to go travelling AND happen to be in need of new luggage was a challenge for Jett Black before using #gifted. Their objective was to efficiently find and engage with creators who appreciate the fusion of style, durability, and functionality. The content desired would aim to expand the brand's reach to new audiences by aligning with creators who could authentically convey the brand's commitment to enhancing travel experiences.


Jettblack #gifted up to $400 worth of luggage. Creators were able to choose which items most aligned with their personal style and generated aspirational content from fun international destinations, and local staycations. With hundreds of applicants, the brand was able to match with over 20 creators, each capturing their own series of compelling, wanderlust-inducing content across Instagram and TikTok. The success of the campaign garnered a mass of social proof positioning JettBlack as a top choice for stylish, adventure-ready travellers.


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username for gucci

#fashion, #beauty, #lifestyle