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Prene Bags

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The objective of Prene's gifted collaborations aims to empower content creators to generate promotional content that effectively showcases the power of the right bag - tying together any outfit with finesse. Seeking unique and individual flare from their user generated content to enhance brand visibility, stimulate creative engagement, and foster a community of stylish and fashion-forward customers.


Through their #gifted campaign, Prene bags found many creator matches made in heaven. These collaborations resulted in an explosion of creative and diverse content across Instagram and TikTok, highlighting the brand’s unique blend of functionality and fashion. The campaign achieved remarkable engagement, and significantly boosting website traffic. This surge in interest has solidified Prene Bags' reputation as the go-to brand for stylish, durable, and versatile bags, appealing to a wide audience seeking their vegan, high-quality, washable design.


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#fashion, #beauty, #lifestyle