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The objective is to identify and onboard content creators for Prene, offering them a total of $200 in complimentary Prene styles. This initiative aims to empower content creators to generate promotional content that effectively showcases Prene's products. Through this collaboration, the goal is to enhance brand visibility, stimulate creative engagement, and foster a positive association between content creators and the Prene brand.


Engaging content creators for Prene has been successfully achieved. A total of 62 talented creators have been gifted with $200 worth of complimentary Prene styles, and they have actively shared captivating content on Instagram to promote the brand. This remarkable collaboration not only highlights the diversity of creative expressions but also significantly contributes to increased brand visibility and positive engagement. We appreciate the dedication and creativity demonstrated by each content creator in showcasing Prene products to their audiences. This successful initiative underscores the power of collaboration in amplifying brand presence and building a strong community of Prene enthusiasts.


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