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Spicers Retreat is set on creating an unparalleled experience, and require content that captures these unique moments in time they offer their guests. An escape from the everyday into a world of luxury requires creativity and content of equivalent quality. Offering world-class cuisine to rejuvenating day spas and unforgettable events in spectacular destinations, Spicers Retreats aimed to find creators who could document and celebrate these offerings through personal, unique and impressive content.


Over 20 creators experienced the magic, luxury and world-class cuisine of Spicers Retreat. From immersive vertical-videos to exceptional static images of the food, scenic backdrop and opulent amenities. Creators distributed their content across Instagram and TikTok, positioning the brand as an idyllic holiday destination. The stunning array of content not only solidified the brand's esteem but also reached new customers through elevated social proof that enabled them to broaden their reach to new audiences on social media.


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