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As a highly sought-after fashion brand, Tigerlily's collaboration through #gifted focused on aligning with creators who embody their essence of luxury, femininity, and adventure, reflected in their distinctive swimwear, clothing, and accessories. Aiming introduce their vibrant, globally inspired collections to new audiences to extend their reach by leveraging influencers with a knack for creating high-quality, engaging content, synergetic with the brand's commitment to stylish, sustainable fashion.


With over 500 applicants eagerly applying, Tigerlily was spoiled for choice on #gifted. Carefully curating a cohort of 50 creators & influencers to collaborate with across Australia. Tigerlily acquired content in a dynamic, yet complimentary array of aesthetic styles that seamless wove its beach-inspired fashion line with the backdrop of Australian shores. Matching with talented women all across Australia, every piece of content generated was unique and authentic, converting into robust performance across Instagram and TikTok.


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