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Using Completed Content

Using Completed Content

Using Created Content to capture all social posts with your campaign

How does it work?

Any time a creator you have selected on your active gift mentions your brands name, social handles or website in a caption, sticker or pin tag, #gifted can discover them and report their content to you on the completed content tab. #gifted will search all creators you have selected on all active gift campaigns every hour.

QUICK TIP FOR PR AGENCIES— You can use the Completed Content tab section in two ways!

  1. If you're using #gifted for a specific brand, you can link their social platforms to your #gifted brand profile and have that pintagged/mention by your creators so it shows on your Completed Content section.
  2. If you're using #gifted for more than 1 brand, the perfect way to see everything come thru is to link your own PR agency's social platforms and have that pin tagged/mentioned along side the brands, this way contents would turn up! 

What posts are supported?


  • Image posts
  • Albums posts
  • Story posts
  • Reel post
  • TV posts


  • TikTok Videos
  • TikTok Image Slide Shows


  • YouTube Videos
  • YouTube Shorts


  • TikTok Stories and their capture are unsupported at this time (coming soon).
  • You may see an error "photo_post_unavailable_title" for TikTok posts that show a single image. Due to TikTok Limitations we cannot embed these posts.
  • You cannot register more than one individual TikTok, Instagram or YouTube account with your #gifted login. We realise this is annoying for agencies and will be working on solving this problem.

Where to find my completed content?