Mel & Kristen

We’ve been using #gifted since it launched & have found heaps of fun collabs through it! It’s really helped us expand our network as content creators.

Sam Walker

#gifted has quickly become my favourite gifting app 🙌. I can’t help but jump on multiple times a day to see what new and exciting collaboration opportunities are available to apply for. Since signing up I have had the chance to create content for some amazing brands and in return have adored the products. It’s so easy to use the #gifted app and it is a trusted way to work with a variety of different businesses. I will continue to recommend gifted to my fellow Instagrammers.

Shariq Ejaz

It's been a great experience connecting to brands on #gifted. Applying for collaborations is fast, simple and easy. I've been using the #gifted app since 5 months and have already secured 1 major international collab and 5 local ones, and tried so many fun new brands and products!


I absolutely adore using #GIFTED. Through it, I connected with many brands and services that I previously loved and I also had the opportunity to discover new products and places to share all of this with my audience. My content portfolio has increased and so has my work connection. I highly recommend this app :)

Liv Lamprill

I LOVE #GIFTED! Gives me amazing opportunities to collaborate with brands and build relationships I wouldn’t otherwise be able to! 👏🏼☺️


I really like that there is an app for creators to find quality collaborations, it takes away a lot of the hard work. A win win for both the brand and the creator!

Edible Blooms

We are loving using #gifted and it had made a massive difference to the workload. Loving it!!! 5 stars.

White Sands Swim

White Sands has been working with influencers for 12 years now and #gifted has been one of the easiest and most effective platforms we have ever used. We have discovered influencers we would not have otherwise had access to, and from a monetary perspective saved tens of thousands of dollars that we might have spent on paid collaborations and agencies. I would highly recommend it.

Aria Estelle

I have discovered some incredible products via #gifted! love the platform and its such a great way to help creators like me connect with brands x

Kassandra Kashian

I think #gifted is an awesome platform and I am having a great experience as a creator - it allows me to try so many new products easily. Love it!

Bohemian Skin

We have been loving the #gifted platform and have got some amazing content from it!

Damn Good Beauty

There’s such a great pool of creators on the platform!

Cozmo Group

The #gifted collaboration experience is great! The platform is really easy to use and made gifting straight forward. It has definitely made influencer management a smoother process for Cozmobox.

BHUMI Organic Cotton

The diversity in content we are receiving from creators on #Gifted is really important to us as a brand. I really like the way the platform has been designed with the flexibility of deliverables built in, allowing us to collaborate with micro to macro creators.

We* The Many

We are a start up with tight budgets & #gifted is such a good way to get our product into new hands and and brand exposure to the right audience. Saved us SO MUCH TIME having the influencers come to us, instead of me trying to go to them and 'cold calling'/messaging them out of the blue. It was actually kind of fun hopping on and seeing what matches we had each day - like a dating app for brands/influencers!

Maison Blanche

We think #Gifted is great. Really happy with the connections and how easy & quick it was!

Mujer Label

#Gifted takes the hassle out of finding creators online yourself for contra collabs. As a small business when you're the only one doing everything, I often push socials aside as the least important with everything else that I have to do. #Gifted has changed that and made the process easier for me to find and select creators I want to collaborate with

We Are Bloch

We are so impressed with the influencers we have gifted so far! #Gifted is a really great platform that has made it easy for us to find more influencers & creators to work with


This is such a great platform. I've already raved about it to quite a few people. I love that the influencers come to you!

The Raconteur

It was a really seamless & easy experience with clear instructions. I couldnt believe how quickly influencers would start reaching out & we've had a great response already!

Justice Professional

#gifted is user friendly and simple to set up. I found the response time was significantly faster than previous interactions with creators via a platform. Love it!"