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Kawai Jewellery

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Experience the enchanting world of "Kawai" - a jewellery brand that celebrates the beauty of handcrafted, colourful, and irresistibly pretty adornments.

Onsen Oasis Bundle & Kawai Handbag Holder

This bundle includes 2 Tila bead bracelets (Size: 16.5cm or 17.5cm) and 1 Miyuki pearl bracelet, both handcrafted with care and precision with Japanese tempered glass beads. Add a pop of colour and enhance any outfit with Kawai jewellery. Also included in this bundle is our latest release, the Kawai Handbag Holder with Mirror Built-In. This sleek and practical accessory is designed to keep your handbag safe, clean, and easily accessible wherever you go. Elegantly packaged in a stylish gift box.