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DrinksPlinks are unique silicone ice cube trays, in every letter of the alphabet + fun shapes. We amp up cocktails at home and personal-ice every name, drink & event. And we're not just ice. You can bake, make chocolates, desserts & craft.

Bougie ice cubes to personal-ice your cocktails

Personal-ice your cocktails by adding an ice cube LETTER. Now that's cool. A is for Ava, C is for Charlie and H is for Hannah. You get the picture. DrinksPlnks ice letters are BIG so they melt s-l-o-w-l-y to chill your drink, not dilute it. We'll gift you 6 x silicone ice cube trays (you choose the letters) to make drinks for your friends. DrinksPlinks add a ton of fun to cocktails at home and make excellent gifts. Let's get the party started!