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We* the many

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We* the many is a gourmet carbon neutral breakfast range that invests 50% of profits into carbon reduction. We're making it easy for you to have an impact on climate change by simply eating your breakfast everyday!

Climate First Gourmet Breakfast

We* invest 50% of profits into carbon reduction. Our breakfast range is carbon neutral, vegan and preservative/additive free. Your gift: - 4 x 350g Prebiotic Granola with Green Banana for gut health - 4 x 350g Antioxidant Porridge with beetroot, almonds and quinoa (turns a brilliant pink colour when cooked) - 4 x 350g Antioxidant Granola with beetroot, goji berries and orange - 5 x 350g Turmeric Granola with anti-inflammatory turmeric (95% curcumin), flaxseed and coconut