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Delightful little gift boxes, full of happiness that bring joy to their lucky recipients, to you the giver, to their creators and to the wider community. It’s all about spreading the love as far and wide as it’ll go!

Custom Gift Box

Bliss in a box… that’s what our self-care gift collection is all about! It’s got everything you need to float away on a cloud of sheer delight! What's inside? - Jasmine & Sandalwood Candle - Heart Socks - Lavender & Sweet Orange Bath Salts - Orange & Vanilla Bath Salts - Self-Warming Eye Masks - 1Hydrating Sheet Mask - Bliss Essential Oil Roller - Cedarwood & Fig Hand Cream - Coconut & Lime Body Scrub - Toasted Coconut & White Choc Cookies - Milk Chocolate Hearts