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DIY Hot Sauce

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Make your own painfully delicious & mouth watering HOT Sauce from scratch. Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for hard-to-shop-for people? Discover DIY Hot Sauce - the ultimate gift for hot sauce enthusiasts!

DIY Hot Sauce Making Kit

DIY Hot Sauce Kit: 4 x Mason jar bags (reusable) of chilli peppers 3 x Unique Glass bottles 3 x Chilli stickers 1 x Mini funnel 1 x 16 page instruction booklet 1 x Dried Mango 1 x Apple cider vinegar powder 1 x Wild herbs and spices 1 x Sun-dried tomatoes 1 x Pair of gloves + extra items to utilise the $175 coupon code. Visit this link to select additional items for your gift. A special COUPON CODE will be sent to the interested creators. Thank you. John :)