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The Tivoli & The Princess Theatre

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The Tivoli and The Princess Theatre are two of Brisbane’s most iconic venues ❀️‍ We feature live music and performance, from a range of prolific artists, including local legends, big-name Aussie bands to cult-following international acts.

πŸͺ 2x Double Passes πŸͺ First Beige

πŸͺ Double Pass πŸͺ First Beige Be transported to a world of high-energy grooves and music-induced euphoria when First Beige takes the stage at The Princess Theatre for Open Season. Supporting one of the most exciting acts to come out of Meanin/Brisbane is Skeleten, Komang & Kuzco. It's set to be an incredible night! 🎁 Gift γ€œ 2x double passes to First Beige πŸ—“ Date γ€œ Saturday 19 August, 2023 πŸ“ Where γ€œ The Princess Theatre