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DrinksPlinks are unique silicone ice cube trays, in every letter of the alphabet + fun shapes. We amp up cocktails at home and personal-ice every name, drink & event. And we're not just ice. You can bake, make chocolates, desserts & craft.

Unique Ice Trays!

Create those WOW moments when you're entertaining at home. Our ice trays take drinks next and they're awesome for baking, chocolates, and raw treats. We'll gift 6 x DrinksPlinks silicone ice cube trays (Super Star, Love Heart, Unconventional Slab, Adventurous Pyramid tray + two ice trays in your choice of letters.) Freeze the ice trays with citrus, flowers, herbs, cucumber ribbons, berries or espresso to amp up cocktails at home. And create chocolates, desserts, brownies, raw treats.