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SeaQuo® creates authentic, high quality supplements in the form of 100% Australian made and owned capsules that provide proven benefits. Our flagship product harnesses the power of organic, sustainably hand-harvested Tasmanian seaweed.

Fucoidian-Rich Seaweed Supplement For Gut, Skin & Immune

6 bottles of SeaQuo® Immune. With this powerful combination, SeaQuo® Immune is specifically formulated to support and maintain: ✓ Immune system health ✓ Gastrointestinal health ✓ Skin health A supercharged supplement, sourcing power from fucoidan, as well as vitamin C and zinc. Fucoidan is the bioactive, natural ingredient found in nutrient-rich Undaria pinnatifida seaweed which grows wild in the pristine coastal waters of Tasmania. One bottle contains 60 capsules.