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Founded in Australia in 2003, Phytologic is built on the values of quality, innovation, sustainability, showcasing the commitments of our premium brands, Anthogenol, Henry Blooms, and Rochway.

Henry Blooms Party Bundle (Anti-Hangover Herbal Liquid + Ice fresh Mints)

Henry Blooms party bundle includes 10x Herbal Anti-Hangover liquid ($129.5) + 4x ice fresh chewable mints ($72) together make your weekends worth! Henry Blooms Anti Hangover liquid is a tasty tonic to combat the nasty side effects of having wine too many on the weekend. Don’t waste your weekends feeling sorry for yourself. A single shot of it will rehydrate and replenish the minerals lost after an eve of drinking alcohol, and will leave you feeling energized and ready to take on the day.