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Pure Oils of Tasmania

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We create beautiful essential oils and essential oil products from native Tasmanian plants which unique aromatic and therapeutic benefits. These are beautifully packaged and bring the essence of the Tasmanian wilderness into your life.

Kunzea Muscle Relief Gift Box

Tasmanian Kunzea Oil has been recognised to relieve skin and muscle inflammation and our gift box contains our most popular Kunzea products. All grown, distilled and made in Tasmania. We have our extra strength Kunzea Cream (100ml) containing 20 ml of pure Kunzea oil, our pure Kunzea oil which can be used topically and in a diffuser, our Kunzea massage oil, Kunzea cream in gift box and Kunzea lotion and our Stress Less Kunzea roll on. These are all rated 5 stars by our customers.