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Blowing minds since 2015, Zero Latency is the original + the best Free Roam VR in the world. Now we're 70+ venues in 20+ countries, with 10 in Australia. Zero Latency is arena scale, free roam VR (no wires) for up to 8 people. Let's play!

Champions of the Undead (VR Competition)

You will receive exclusive access to play Zero latency's 'Champions of the Undead' game at your closest Zero latency venue! 🏆 Experience the pinnacle of VR intensity. 🤝 Bring your squad for a next-level gaming session. 🎥 Capture epic content your audience will crave. ⏱ 30 minutes of pure, heart-pounding adrenaline. You and up to 3 of your friends will get to experience 'Undead Arena' for a full 30 minutes! Join the fun, and showcase your zombie SLAYING skills!