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Jack N' Jill Kids

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We create natural hygiene products for kids and babies, from Natural Certified toothpaste, to toothbrushes made from corn, we've got safe and sustainable oral care covered! We also offer clean bath time products like shampoo and bubble bath

Natural wellness for your baby's bathroom

This gift includes: - Natural Baby Teething Gel - Natural Baby Gum & Tooth Wipes - Silicone Finger Brush and Toothbrush Stages 1 & 2 - Tickle Tooth Sonic Toothbrush - Natural Certified Fluoride-Free Kids Toothpaste in a Strawberry and Flavor-Free option - Our entire Natural Bathtime Collection, including our Baby Lotion, Baby Wash, Blissful Bubbles Bubble Bath with Bubble Wand, Detangler & Leave-in Conditioner & Natural Shampoo & Body Wash - Two of our Kids Toothbruhes (made from plants!)