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Nimbus Co

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Nimbus Co is Australia’s first exclusive infrared sauna studio opened in 2016. Pioneers in this field, Nimbus has continued to open new locations - offering up ice baths as well as multi-modality health services.

Nimbus Co - Bondi: Studio Launch

We recently renovated our flagship Bondi studio and are launching the new look location to press, media and people of interest. We'd love to drum up hype around the launch and the new studio, especially all the new bells and whistles that we've added; including showers in all sauna rooms, wireless phone chargers, our outdoor sauna, plus the long-awaited ice bath. Launch event details: Fri, 28 April 6-8pm Nimbus Co - Bondi 97 Bondi Boad Bondi Beach Sydney NSW 2026 -- Interested creators outside Bondi/NSW are expected to be in the venue on the launch day.