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Nimbus Co

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Nimbus Co is Australia’s first exclusive infrared sauna studio opened in 2016. Pioneers in this field, Nimbus has continued to open new locations - offering up ice baths as well as multi-modality health services.

Nimbus Co - Welcome Your Wellbeing Day (free saunas + ice baths)

Following on from COVID-19, last year Nimbus Co, Australia's first infrared sauna studio, which started in 2016, decided to host a free day of all services as a welcome back to the community. But since then, they decided to host this 'Welcome Your Wellbeing Day' annually, as let's face it, we all need at least one day a year to get something back right? The complimentary saunas, ice baths and discounted retail apply to all our Nimbus's four studios in Bondi, Byron Bay, Melbourne & Manly.