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Naked Life Non-Alcoholic Spirits

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At Naked Life, we’re passionate about moments worth celebrating and believe that you should be able to do so without compromising on taste. We create beautifully crafted cocktails - without the alcohol, sugar or high calories.

Bubble Tea Gift Box

Entire range of brand new Naked Life Betta Boba Bubble Tea + Reusable Bubble Tea Cup Set: - 2 x 4packs Original Milk Bubble Tea - 2 x 4packs Brown Sugar Milk Bubble Tea - 2 x 4packs Mango Iced Bubble Tea - 2 x 4packs Peach Iced Bubble Tea - 1 x Reusable Bubble Tea Cup Set The Naked Life Betta Boba Teas are created to deliver a fun ‘better for you’ version of a product people already love. Naked from artificial colours and flavours, high sugar and calorie amounts.