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In KidsBliss we are dedicated to create a safe, sustainable, nurturing and caring natural organic world where every child can explore and play in a non-toxic natural environment trusted by mothers. We make the No.1 safest hand sanitiser.

Pure & Bliss Bundle II

Fruit and Vegetable Wash 500ml Toy and Table Cleaner Spray 500ml Lanudry Liquid Fragrance Free 500ml Laundry Liquid Lavender 500ml Baby Bath and Shampoo 2in1 300ml ACO certified Organic Keep Bugs Away 60ml No.1 Safest Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser 50ml Alcohol Free Surface Sanitiser 60ml Averdant Aroma Room & Linen Spray Sweet Dream 225ml Averdant Aroma Room & Linen Spray Energetic 225ml