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We started Remedy on our kitchen bench. We do things the old-school way. Long-aged brews. Small batches. Full of goodness. The tastiest live-cultured and sparkling drinks going ‘round.

Remedy K!CK - All Natural Energy

It's time to ditch toxic energy for good with Remedy K!CK, the wiser energiser without the crash, jitters or guilt that comes from traditional sugar-laden energy drinks full of artificial nasties. Remedy K!CK is packed with fruity flavour and contains no sugar, for real. Featuring all natural ingredients, green coffee beans and ginseng, it's the perfect boost to power you through the day (or night!). 6 x Cases of Remedy K!CK - 2 x Blackberry - 2 x Lemon Lime - 2 x Mango Pineapple