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Sensoriam is a luxury perfumery with a single ethos: 100% natural perfumes consciously selected. We're a curation of the world’s most exquisite natural perfumes & home fragrances. Our mission is to help 1 million Australians switch natural

Sensoriam Natural Perfume Miniset & Fullsize Perfume

Sensoriam is gifting a miniset of perfumes which includes 6 popular scents from our range of natural perfume brands, for you to explore and find your favourite. Delivered in the Sensoriam black perfume pouch. Once you've had a chance to explore and find your favourite sent from the range of minis we send you, we will then gift you the full size bottle of your favourite scent. The minisets are valued at $85. And the full size perfumes range from $49.95 to $240.