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Zero Latency VR

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Blowing minds since 2015, Zero Latency is the original + the best Free Roam VR in the world. Now we're 70+ venues in 20+ countries, with 10 in Australia. Zero Latency is arena scale, free roam VR (no wires) for up to 8 people. Let's play!

Showcase Epic Shared Experience for Mates, Dates, Squads + Families

Transform your reality with an unforgettable VR experience, shared with up to 8 people. Zero Latency is the original, most advanced free roam VR - free from any wires, in a large space. Prepare for an epic, arena-scale VR world with premium, immersive games where you can battle it out together against zombie hordes, killer robots + psycho pirates. Required: Groups of 2-8 who can showcase our fun, immersive, mind bending VR experience. Video preferred. Suitable from 13+. Valued up to $472.