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Lord & Lion brings the authentic flair of Indian and Sri Lankan flavours, wrapped in the incomparable elegance of the Sub-continent, straight into Australian homes.

Soodox for Mothers pack

Soodox is excited to gift you: 1 Soothe & Protect (250g barrier cream), 2 Period Undies (organic cotton, super absorbent), 1 Period Starter Kit (cottonlock tampons, cotton pads), Pain Relief Cream (75g natural active ingredients), 1 Period Wash (200mL, 100% natural pH balanced), 1 Heat Pack (reusable gel pack, ultra flexible), 1 Kids Foaming Hand Wash (150mL, cleans and refreshes), 1 Antibacterial Hand Cream (60g) & 1 Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser (60mL)- sanitises and hydrates