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Leading importer & distributor of prestige international & local skincare & haircare brands. We service over 900 spas, clinics, salons, retail stores & online in Australia, NZ & Pacific Islands.

Thlgo NEW LIMITED EDITION Love Collection

Cute sizes of Thalgo Cult products in a French Riviera inspired packaging! 1x Foaming Cleansing Lotion - A rich & airy marine foam that gently cleanses & intensely refreshes the skin. 1x Cleansing Gel Oil - Sensory oil makeup remover with marine active ingredients – waterproof, gently cleanses & nourishes the skin. 1x Reviving Marine Mist - A mist of isotonic sea water to intensely remineralise skin 2x Energising Anti-Pollution Gel Cream - Prevents signs of ageing & restores radiance