For brands: what are the next steps after matching with a creator on #gifted?

So you’ve got the alert that you’ve got new matches, you’ve logged in and can see all the faces there waiting for you… What do you do next?!

So you’ve got the alert that you’ve got new matches, you’ve logged in and can see all the faces there waiting for you… What do you do next?!

This article is a walkthrough of the next steps to follow when you match with a creator on #gifted, so you feel totally certain about what to do.

When your submitted #gift has been approved and open for applications, it will then show up in the creators app. Just like a dating app, they can swipe left or right to say Yes, they are keen to collab, or No, they’ll pass this time. Creators who are interested to collaborate with you will show under the NEW tab. 

You can follow the next steps:

1. Look through the creators under the NEW tab and choose who you think is a fit to your brand. You can check their socials and their engagement rates above the inbuilt chatbox. Vibe check!

2. You can shortlist creators using the little ‘plus’ button if you want to sort your list. Or chat with them straight away in the NEW tab. 

  • Tip: Shortlisting creators can help you organize who you want to collaborate with.
  • Shortlisting creators will not send them any notifications.
  • Declining creators from the NEW and SHORTLIST tabs will not notify them either. This is just for your internal sorting.

3. To get the best out of the collaboration, start communicating with the creator via the inbuilt chat in the platform ideally within a day or two of when they have applied. That way you know they are still interested and available. Again think of it like a dating app, no one likes a ghost! If its been a few weeks, the creator might not be available to collaborate anymore. We have our quick replies available to make it super easy to know what to say, or you can create your own message.

4. When you have the creators you want to collaborate with, and you’ve chatted to them to agree what the collab will entail (what you are providing and what they can do in return) you can Accept them to confirm. These accepted creators will then move to the Selected tab. This will also send them both an email and a notification that they have been chosen by you for the gift.

5. From the creators’ side, once accepted to the collab - they shall be prompted to send their address. This is a way for them to “Confirm” it from their end.

6. This address will show in your inbuilt chat.

For Gifts set up without Shopify integration- You should receive the address in the inbuilt chat.

For Shopify Gifts - it will automatically prompt the creator to select the product SKU and enter their address which will pass through to your shopify store, marked with #gifted, so all you have to do is hit ‘Fulfill”. This will show in the chatbox, once creator has chosen the gift and placed the order.

Tip: Quick help article on Shopify integration:

7. f you’re sending the creator a product, you can update them regarding the shipping details in the chat, and if its placed through shopify, you’ll see the auto updates there.. 

  • Note: It’s best to give the creators 14 days after the product has arrived to create content. Dont forget they have other paid engagements to do :)

8. The creator will then create the content in their own unique style and either provide the UGC to you or share on their social media (depending on what you agreed before engaging them)  

9. When a creator that you have booked through #gifted  tags you on their posts, these shall be easily accessible and viewable in the “Completed content” tab.

  • You can refer to our plans regarding the usage of contents uploaded

10. When the collab with the creator is done, you can mark the creator as Complete.

11. Make sure to also leave them a review so other brands can see :)

Check out this article to know more about Fair gifting exchange. If you're new to Gifted Collaborations and need clarification, read this article. Explore our resources on what to expect from a gifted collaboration

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at [email protected]

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