Influencer Reviews: How to Supercharge Trust, Credibility & Sales

Taryn Williams

Would you buy a product because we told you to or because your favorite influencer (who you’ve followed forever and who makes the best content) gave a glowing review? Exactly. That’s why the power of an influencer review is off the charts.

Most brands are trapped in a vicious cycle, so stop us if this feels painfully familiar…

93% of consumers read reviews before making a purchase. Your brand needs reviews to drive sales. But new customers aren’t using your product because you don’t have enough reviews! It’s an endless hamster wheel.

Breaking free from this cycle may seem hard, but the solution is in the palm of your hand. 


Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube offer huge audiences of impressionable consumers. And one of the best ways to put your products in front of those audiences is through influencer reviews.

In this guide we’ll show you:

  • How influencer reviews work (and why you should get in on the game)
  • 3 awesome benefits of earning influencer reviews
  • How to get the most out of your influencer review campaign
  • How to start an influencer campaign using #gifted

Ready to make friends and influence people? Let’s get into it.

How do influencer reviews work?

Influencer reviews are a super straightforward process. You give an influencer your product or experience and in return, they review it and share their feedback online. 

These reviews come in many forms, like unboxing videos on YouTube to product recommendations on Instagram. Whatever the format, the effect is the same: endorsing your product to an impressionable audience

Influencer reviews don’t typically include a fee. Instead, influencers provide reviews in exchange for products or experiences. Without fees, you can leverage an influencer's authentic endorsement to generate interest, clicks, and sales without dipping into your marketing budget.

What influencer reviews are NOT about is getting ‘likes’ on Facebook or driving as many shares as possible (these are classic vanity metrics). Instead, think of an influencer’s review as a single customer recommending your brand to tens of thousands of friends. 

And the numbers make for exciting viewing - 82% of consumers trust social media to help them make purchasing decisions. By trading your products and experiences for reviews from specific influencers, you can build trust and drive sales.

In short, an influencer review combines the power of social proof with the value of influencer marketing.

A graph showing how many online product reviews shoppers expect by age group

Why product reviews are so powerful

Influencers create content that their followers love, whether it’s videos on YouTube and TikTok or photos on Instagram and Facebook. More than entertainment, this content endorses the products they use and the experiences they enjoy - and that’s where you come in.

For example, let’s say you’re launching a new make-up line. Partnering with an influencer in the beauty niche to review your product on IG means their followers are already interested in beauty products - and that’s great news for you.

Done right, influencer reviews help you show off your brand, reach a new audience, and build credibility in the eyes of your audience. The result? A conversion boost.

Remember, 87% of buying decisions start with online research. Before anyone pulls out their credit card, they want to check out reviews to make sure your products are right for them. If they find their favourite influencer using and endorsing your products, that purchase becomes much more likely. 

An influencer’s audience is looking for tips and recommendations - and they take what their favourite influencer says seriously. So seriously that 49% of people have bought something as a result of their favourite influencer’s endorsement.

The shift towards more authentic forms of marketing is why product reviews should be an essential part of your brand-building strategy. Reviews help build trust and loyalty. The more reviews you have, the easier it is for a potential customer to view you as a credible and legitimate brand worth checking out. 

3 benefits of earning influencer reviews

Partnering with influencers on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok can be a highly effective way to build trust and bring those sales through the metaphorical door - all without sky-high fees or pay-per-click advertising budgets.

If you’re still unsure whether it’s worth your time to send products to influencers for review, check out the following three benefits we think you’ll love.

#1 - Influencer reviews increase credibility, reputation, and trust

81% of consumers consider trust as a deal-breaker when choosing a brand to do business with. And a social media influencer who’s spent considerable time and effort to grow their audience is trustworthy.

And since 70% of people trust recommendations from other peers more than brands (even if they don’t personally know that person), an influencer’s reach helps establish trust among a new, impressionable audience.

Product reviews and endorsements from influencers also make your brand appear more credible and legitimate. This makes it easier for people to engage with you, check out your website, and shop for your products. 

#2 - Influencer reviews strengthen niche authority

Many nano and micro-influencers focus on one particular niche (e.g. cooking, streetwear, or paleo diets), and partnering with these influencers can turn you into a niche authority. A niche influencer’s recommendation carries more weight and lends more authority than influencers who review products across a range of topics.

For example, if you were thinking of buying new running shoes would you be swayed by an influencer who posts regularly about fitness, activewear, and training apparel… or an influencer who shared branded content about their favourite restaurant, a teeth whitening product, and a Bitcoin app?

The specialist kicks the generalist’s butt every time and that’s how you can leverage third-party expertise to improve your authority.

Let’s say you’re looking to launch a new vegan make-up line and want to let people know you’re a cruelty-free brand worth checking out. Partnering with an influencer in the vegan space will help you stand out. Authority flows from your partnered influencer to you. Now YOU’RE the go-to brand when shoppers are looking for an expert in your field.

#3 - Influencer reviews drive sales

Brand-building. Reach. Awareness. Engagement.

These are all metrics of success that an influencer review campaign can bring. But let’s be honest, you’ve got dollar signs on your mind 🤑.

Influencer reviews can have a direct impact on your conversions by combining social proof with the trust that comes with an influencer’s endorsement. 95% of consumers read reviews before completing a purchase and 8 out of 10 consumers say they are highly likely to accept the recommendation of a micro-influencer.

More than a way to generate interest and leads, influencer reviews can deliver ROI with influencer marketing delivering 11x the ROI over all other forms of digital media.

The result? A high-impact way to increase sales.

A Forbes infographic saying 84% trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation

How to get the most out of your influencer reviews

With #gifted, it’s easy to find the right influencer to review your products. We’ve rounded up a few of our top tips to help you get the most from your next influencer review campaign.

Share your reviews on your website: Reviews don’t need to be confined to an influencer’s audience. Share influencer reviews on your website to create social proof. When people browse your site and see reviews from top influencers, you’ll be building crucial trust that comes before a sale.

Choose memorable packaging: An influencer’s review is likely to be eye-catching whether it’s on TikTok, Instagram, or their own website. Choosing memorable packaging to create an unforgettable unboxing or opening can help your product stand out. Try throwing in a custom ‘Thank You’ card to help build an authentic connection too.

Be strategic with your packaging: Throwing a gift in a cardboard box might be quick and easy, but it doesn’t make for a memorable review. Think about how your influencers will open your gift. You could use partitions and dividers to create a striking presentation - but avoid being wasteful! Sending your latest lipstick wrapped in 10 meters of bubble wrap can get attention for the wrong reasons.

Looking to kickstart an influencer review campaign?

Finding the right influencer for your brand can feel daunting, but #gifted makes it easy.

Instead of you sliding into someone's DM’s and hoping for the best, you create a gifting campaign, choose your gift, and set your parameters. Influencers in #gifted apply for your gifts and you’re in control of who you choose, so you know they genuinely love what you have to offer!

Whether you’re looking to earn positive reviews on your website, Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, or anywhere else you feel like showing off how awesome you are, #gifted can help your brand connect with the world’s best influencers.

Start #gifting with the worlds best influencers and creators.

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