What Makes a Cool #gifting Send-Out Bundle?

Taryn Williams

So you’re ready to launch your new product or service and start gifting some cool creators, but your product isn't super expensive (under the $150 minimum on #gifted) or maybe it's even over that price but you want to make a really WOW impression. Well, let us show you some tips on making a great media send out or influencer bundle.

#1 Branded Merchandise

Getting cool merch made that influencers can use in their day-to-day life is super simple and cost effective, and adds something a little bit extra and unique to your gifting experience!

Some ideas are cute hoodies, robes, sports bags, hats or beanies, inflatable pool toys, water bottles or travel mugs. Have a think about your item and what makes sense to send with it. For example, if you’re sending a beauty product, perhaps you could add a nice fluffy robe and slippers branded with your logo or in your company colours? If you’re sending a sunscreen product, maybe you send a branded beach towel, beach umbrella and beach ball?

Beauty products with exclusive bags as gifts from Murad and Dove
Glossier tops, bags, hats, and footwear as gifts

#2 Props

Another great way to wow creators and also help them make create great content for you is to send them props that they can use in the content.

For example, perhaps you are sending a food item like cheese or dips that are only valued at $10. You could send this with a cute picnic basket and a bottle of wine, which not only is going to increase the value of your gift but allow the creators to easily make a WOW piece of content that is going to be totally on brand for you and much better than just some cheese on a plate at home. That little extra effort from you as a brand goes a long way in not only impressive the creators, making them love your brand (and likely repurchase), but also remind them of you each time they use the items you sent them, AND mean they make amazing content. Win-win for everyone!

Here are a few ideas of props, based on some common categories:

Alcohol: beautiful serving glasses, garnishes like dried fruits or swizzle sticks, cocktail mixing kit, esky, wine cooler bag

Beauty/makeup: robe, slippers, makeup brushes, ring light, freestanding mirror, headband in your company colours, towels in your company colours, cosmetics organiser, cosmetics bag / toiletry bag

Food/FMCG: serving trays or platters, tablecloth and napkins in your company colours, cutlery (salad servers, soupspoons, cheese knives, coloured knives and forks etc), teapot & cups in your brand colours.

A bundle of tea and tools for tea from TWG, alongside a Doña Paula wine basket, as cool gifts

#3 Still stuck for ideas?

If you’re still stick, there are some things that can never go wrong in making your delivery WOW! Try a bunch of beautiful flowers (in your brand colours of course!), a smash cake, a polaroid camera!

Baked goods with coordinating bouquets from brands as cool gifts
Sweet treats and a vase with flowers from Lvly alongside a graphic cake from Paramount+ as gifts

Remember, since you’re going to the effort or arranging a send out, let's make it WOW!!

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