Building Long-Term Relationships with Brands

Successful influencer marketing comes down to one quality - relationships. Discover how to build strong, mutually beneficial partnerships with the world’s best brands.

Looking to get the most out of your #gifted app? You’ll need to learn how to connect with and cultivate relationships with top brands.

But creating strong relationships is a two-way street.

While #gifted provides influencers with the chance to connect with their favourite products and services, it’s not enough to just show up. Influencer marketing may be a mainstream and popular marketing strategy, but that doesn’t make it easy.

Creating a connection is only half the battle. Nurturing the relationship is the secret to ongoing success. To help you get the most out of your #gifted experience, we’re sharing four tactics to help you build long-term relationships with brands.

#1 - Be responsive to messages and notifications

Nothing sets a relationship up for success like great communication.

Make sure you have notifications enabled on your #gifted app so you don't miss a message or gifting request from a brand. When you get a message from a brand, try to respond within the same business day so you don't lose opportunities to other influencers.

Make sure you’re giving brands all the information they need in one message if you can. For example, if they ask for your size and colour selects, then send your answers back in one message (on the same day you were asked for them if possible). Prompt communication means there are no delays in getting you your goodies, and brands will see how professional you are from day one.

#2 - Go above and beyond your agreed deliverables

When you accept a gifting campaign on #gifted, both parties agree on what the exchange looks like. For example, you might agree to do 3 x IG Stories and a website review in exchange for a product.

Meeting the needs of your brand partners is crucial, but consider going above and beyond to help build strong relationships. There are plenty of simple ways to add value and stand out even after you’ve met the agreed deliverables. For example, you could publish a quick Google review, Facebook review, or throw in an extra Instagram story.

These value-packed ways of going above and beyond mean you’ll be front of mind for the brand on future campaigns. Even better, brands will be more likely to share the love by reposting your content or giving you an amazing review!

That’s how everyone wins on #gifted.

#3 - Give brands your feedback to show you care

Brands really really really want to know what you think - so tell them!

After you’ve completed the deliverables for the campaign through #gifted, you can mark the collaboration as ‘Complete’ and send the brand a message. This is the perfect time to pass on any feedback - positive or negative - about the product/service, delivery, or feedback from your audience.

For example, you might let them know that the box was damaged on delivery, or that their sizing runs a little smaller than usual, or that your followers loved the brand but wish they did a gluten-free range too. Providing feedback is a great way to show the brand you really care about helping them improve their offering and want to work together in the future.

#4 - Keep in touch and pitch new ideas (when relevant)

WIth the #gifted ‘Wave to Brand’ functionality, you can get in touch with a brand you’ve partnered with when you have time for another collaboration or an idea that might be suitable for them.

You might be moving house, having a new baby, travelling overseas, or going to a red-carpet event (hopefully not all at once) and want to incorporate your favourite brand into the occasion. Give your preferred brand a clear pitch of what you would like to receive and what value you could add.

Need help nailing your pitch? Click here to learn how to write the PERFECT pitch

For example, let’s say you’re having an engagement party so you might consider waving at Moet & Chandon. Your pitch could centre around a case of champagne in return for 1 x in-feed Instagram post, 5 x IG Stories, and 3 x high-res images taken by your professional photographer on the day. Or, maybe you’re going to Coachella and want to pitch to a fashion brand. Your pitch might centre around wearing their clothes in exchange for 1 x Tiktok video, 1 x website review of the items, and 2 x IG Stories.

There’s no right or wrong way to pitch your ideas. Just remember to keep your favourite brands in mind for future partnership opportunities and look to add value everywhere you can.

Congratulations! You’ve got all the skills you need to build mutually-beneficial, thriving relationships with top brands.

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