Making Your Gift Enticing to Influencers

Gifting is tough (that’s why 77% of people return gifts at Christmas). To make your gifting campaign a success, here’s how you optimise your gift to stand out from the crowd and attract top-tier influencers.

Making your gifting offer stand out from the crowd is crucial if you want to entice the best and broadest range of influencers to collaborate with you. With heavy competition in every industry, it’s not enough to offer the bare minimum and expect maximum results.

To give you the #gifted advantage, here are our tips on making your gift stand out from the rest.

#1 - Add a clear product name

Your product name and photo are the first (and most crucial) pieces of information an influencer will see when they are swiping through offers (along with your company logo and name).

To generate more waves, make sure it’s clear what your product or service is. For example, there’s no need to include product codes in your gifting campaign (XR2092 doesn’t really jump out, does it?). Aim to describe your product name in less than 5 words. For example, “Designer Ceramic Dinner & Serving Plates” or “Luxury Caviar Skincare Range”.

The right product name will make influencers want to wave at you, so focus on being short, sharp, and to the point.

#2 - Describe the product clearly (and in your tone of voice)

Alright, it’s time to describe your product. Keep your copy clear, succinct, and in your own tone of voice. This will ensure the influencer gets a feel for your brand and can decide if they’ll make a natural, authentic fit. You only have XX words to play around with when adding your product description, so use this valuable real estate to include key information.

Your product description can include:

  • Awards the product/service has won
  • Celebrities who have worn/used the product/service
  • Top tier publications the product/service has been featured in
  • Key ingredients, features, styles, and colours available

To help give you a little inspo, here’s an example of a descriptive service...

“Winner of the best boutique hotel in NSW in Escape magazine, our hotel is the perfect city escape. It features an outdoor pool, buffet breakfast, free unlimited mini bar, and spectacular views of the city.”

While a descriptive product might look like this...

“You might have seen our jewellery on celebs like Delta Goodrem & Jessica Mauboy. All of our products are made from 24ct gold and inspired by the summer vibes of the Amalfi coast. Featuring eye-catching gemstones & unique designs, our range is made for layering and completing every outfit.”

#3 - Upload eye-catching photos and video

You’ve nailed the words, well done! But a picture tells a thousand words so it’s time to get your multimedia sorted. Just like your website, the quality of the photos and videos you include in your gifting campaign will correlate with the interest you receive. Make sure your images are professional, high resolution, and eye-catching. You only get one chance to make a first impression, so bright colours, and engaging short videos work best.

#4 - Make sure the value of your gift is over $100

Gifts on #gifted must be worth a minimum of $100. This ensures your gifting campaign values the time, audience, and expertise of the influencers you will be collaborating with.

If an individual product in your range isn’t worth $100 (for example, the eye cream you want to promote may only be worth $69) then you can bundle a selection of items together to make the $100 minimum value.

This could mean a bundle including a cleanser worth $49, eye cream worth $69, and moisturiser worth $89 for a compelling gifting experience).

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#5 - Set a fair follower range

Each gifting campaign contains parameters that make finding the right influencer simple. This includes choosing how many followers your ideal influencer has. More choice is great, but it’s tough to know how many followers is right for your gifting campaign (as bigger isn’t necessarily better).

Looking for smaller influencers with highly loyal audiences? Click here to learn how to find (and work with) micro and nano-influencers

As a rule of thumb, if your product is worth between $100 to $200 and you’re looking for a social media post (rather than a written review or blog) then a follower range between 3,000 to 10,000 is standard. For a product over $500, a follower range of 10,000 and up is more suitable.

Congratulations! You’re ready to set up a campaign around a gift so enticing you’ll need to hire an assistant just to sort through all the applicants.

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