How to Make Your Gifting Delivery Stand out (a.k.a adding the WOW Factor)

To help you get the most out of your gifting campaign, here are some of the top ways to make your gifting that little bit #extra to unlock more opportunities for success.

You’ve listed your gift. Matched with lots of fab influencers. Selected your favs and confirmed them for gifting. Now it's time to get that all-important product into their hot little hands.

Gone are the days where a brown paper box straight from the factory can cut through a saturated market and stand out on the social scene. From the product you choose to your presentation, little hinges open big doors.

Here’s how you can make your gifting delivery stand out and showcase the WOW factor that will inspire your influencers to create their best work and drive priceless social buzz.

Make the packaging impressive

How can you surprise and delight your influencer with their gift? It all starts with the presentation. Maybe your gift arrives with a bunch of flowers, or balloons, or inside a smash cake, get the idea. Make your delivery unique and fun to stand out and increase the likelihood of extra social media content and word of mouth buzz to your influencer’s friends and family.

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Include branded packaging

Beautiful branded boxes and containers and easy and affordable to design and can elevate an unboxing experience that’s much more exciting and shareable. Opening a brown cardboard box doesn't look chic on the ‘gram, so step it up.

You can include branded tissue paper, glitter or confetti, potpourri, mini chocolates, or other goodies inside the box to make it more exciting. Make sure your company logo is clearly visible on the box itself as well as the packaging. Consider adding your social media handles too so it's easy for influencers to know exactly who to tag when creating a beautiful unboxing story for you.

Use high-quality materials

This goes without saying (but we’re saying it anyway). High-quality materials show the influencer that your product is high quality too. We recommend using heavy cards for notes, high-quality thick boxes, nice tissue paper or wrapping materials, and high-quality ribbon.

Remember you want your packaging to exude quality and style, not look like a school art project!

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Make it eco-friendly

Sustainability is more than a buzzword.

Many influencers (and their followers) look to brands to understand their carbon footprint and environmental impact. You can find fully recyclable shipping boxes and remove plastics from your packaging to highlight your eco-friendly values if they align with your brand values. There are also shipping parcels and satchels that can be reused, and courier services that allow you to offset your carbon footprint.

Include a handwritten note (if possible)

Little touches go a long way.

If possible, consider adding a handwritten note that details why you’re excited about collaborating with that specific influencer, any personal story behind your brand and/or founding team, or how appreciative you are that the influencer will be reviewing your brand to their following.

Don't forget to include your social media handles and hashtags too as you can also include a discount code or gift voucher for future purchases. If the influencer genuinely loves your product and wants to continue using your products, these small touches can create lifelong brand advocates.

Personalise your gift (if possible)

Can your product be customised? Think of ways you can make the product unique to the influencer. For example, consider monogramming the influencers name, or birthday to foster a relationship. Or, if they’ve recently got married, you can add their new married name.

These personal touches mean you’re much more likely to get some social love. There are lots of fantastic aftermarket ways to do personalise a product, all of which make the influencer feel like you’ve designed a product that’s specifically for them.

All of these tips will help you start your influencer relationships off on the absolute best foot and help maximise the social coverage for your brand.

Congratulations! You’re ready to make your next gifting campaign stand out for all the right reasons.

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