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Installing the Shopify App and creating a Shopify gift

Installing the Shopify App and creating a Shopify gift

Installing the free #gifted Shopify App and creating your first Shopify gift is easy and takes only a few minutes.

Step 1 - Open the Integrations page

Open your profile menu and click Integrations.

Step 2 - Start the connection to Shopify

Next to the shopify integration click Connect to be taken to the Shopify App store

Step 3 - Install the Shopify App

On the Shopify Appstore, click Add app on the #gifted app page and pick the store you want to connect

Step 4 - Create your gift

When you’ve been redirected back to #gifted, Shopify is ready to use with #gifted! Pick Products & Services or Gift Card as your gift type to continue.

Step 5 - Select the products to gift

We automatically pull in your entire catalogue and make it searchable. Start by selecting one or more products to gift. Remember that if you select 1 or more products, these are the products that will be offered and received by creators when you book them. Creators will receive all products that you select and will be able to choose any of their variations, if available.

Step 6 - Review your creative and finish setting up your gift

Your images, description, and pricing are copied from your Shopify product listing to your new gift. All you need to do now is review your creative, finish setting up your gift and submit it for review.

Need more help?

Here's a short video that guides you through the setup process:

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