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Shopify Integration

Shopify Integration

Learn about the free #gifted Shopify App and how it can streamline gifting

Installing the free #gifted Shopify App and creating your first Shopify gift is easy and takes only a few minutes.

How does it work?

  1. Connect your Shopify and #gifted using the free Shopify app
  2. Choose one or more product or gift cards from your catalogue to #gift to your chosen creator
  3. The creator confirms the gift by picking their desired variants (e.g. size, colour, style) as appears on your store
  4. The order for the creator is automatically placed in your Store
  5. If you are using inventory management, the inventory is updated automatically.
  6. The order is then processed and shipped like any other Shopify order.
  7. The creator receives their gift and starts making content for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install the Shopify App and use it for gifting?

Installing the free #gifted Shopify App and creating your first Shopify gift is easy and takes only a few minutes. Take a look at our guide for Installing the Shopify App and creating a Shopify gift.

Is the Gifted Shopify App free?

The Shopify App is free for all subscribers and users of #gifted.

Can the creator pick any product in my store or just the ones I choose?

The creator can only pick from the items you set up for gifting through #gifted. They will not be able to select any other items from your Shopify store. You pick the creators you want to gift, which gives you full control over who receives the product.

Can I send more than one product to the creator?

Yes, absolutely! When creating your gift you can pick one item or a ‘bundle’ of items to gift the creators. You can even select ‘gift card’ and this will select the gift card variants you have in shopify, and issue them through your shopify store.

If you offer a ‘bundle’ of items, the creator will be able to selects any variants within that bundle too. So for example if you select a particular top and pant in your store, and create a ‘bundle’ the creator will be able select their size and colour options for each item directly in shopify to cut down on the back and forth for you! 

I have selected a creator, how do I get an order for the gift to flow through to Shopify?

When you Accept a creator, they are sent a notification to confirm the gifting collab. Once they have confirmed, this is when they can choose colour, sizing, etc and the order is created in your Shopify Store. The order will come straight through to your store, marked with #gifted in the notes and tags section of the order. If your creator hasn't confirmed, just send them a reminder message to confirm and select their sizing.

Can a creator select an item that's no longer available/in stock?

That’s one of the best things about using the shopify app integration, creators can only select products you have in stock. So if you are out of stock of an item in a particular size, just like a normal customer shopping on your store, they will see that and not be able to order it

Can I modify a gift after I have set it up?

When your Shopify Gift is created you can not modify what products are available for the gift after it has been approved. If you need to modify, we recommend closing your gift, then posting a new gift with the product changes.

Can I allow creators to select from different product variations?

At the moment, you cannot limit product variations from being chosen through the shopify integration. For example, if you have a product that has three sizes of skin cream setup as variants - 50ML, 150ML, 250ML or 500ML - with very different pricing and you only want creators to select the 150ML variant, this is not possible to limit the choice of creators. One workaround for this is to create a  new product in your Shopify that provides just the 150ML size that you intend to gift and create a gift with that product only.

Can I offer multiple products within a bundle with the intention of the creator picking one?

No, you would need to post a gift for each item for creators to select from. For example, if you have a range of sunglasses you wish to offer creators. You cant make a bundle with 10 sunglasses to your gift with the intention that the creator could pick one pair of glasses - as its a bundle, it would allow them to select all 10 items! So make sure you set up 1 gift per item you want to gift :)

Will it slow down the speed of my store?

No! It wont have any impact on your website at all - its just an integration to our app :)

Does it allow #gifted to see any other data from my store?

No! We cant see any info about your store, we can only send information to your store to create the orders.

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