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Sportscraft was looking to engage influencers and fashion enthusiasts to welcome the warm weather with Sportscraft's October utility range, featuring subtly sweet styles in linen. Seeking to collaborate with individuals who resonate with timeless pieces and capture their unique styling perspectives. By gifting them a special look from their new upcoming range, influencers were encouraged to create captivating content that brings Sportscraft's fashion to life. This initiative aimed to amplify brand awareness, leverage diverse creative expressions, and foster a community that appreciates and embodies the essence of Sportscraft's trusted male and female fashion since 1914.


Through the #Gifted platform, Sportscraft have created a total of 10 carefully curated gifts. These gifts have been matched to an impressive cohort of 1077 creators who align with the essence of Sportscraft. In matching with over 40 influencers,  the engagement and enthusiasm displayed by these creators in showcasing our timeless pieces not only contribute to heightened brand awareness but also exemplify the diverse and unique ways in which Sportscraft resonates with individuals. The continued impact of these collaborations celebrates the intersection of fashion, creativity, and individual style - the Sportscraft signature.


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